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DopeFuse News Gucci Mane Fights Backstage & Young Scooter Gets Into A Shootout With Cops?
Gucci Mane Fights Backstage & Young Scooter Gets Into A Shootout With Cops?

Details are emerging from twitter that Gucci Mane got into a fight backstage at a concert, which supposedly then lead outside where someone was shooting at or near Gucci and Scooter then got into a shootout with the cops. Some people are saying that T.I.’s crew Grand Hustle was involved with it as well. We will update with more info as it becomes available.

Update: It looks like Trouble and Alley Boy were there and somehow involved.

Tayonna ‏@tayonna_sherie
soooooo Gucci Mane jus got to fighting backstage . 58mins ago

Robert Dickens ‏@robbi35oul
The scene after the Gucci Mane shooting… Thank God I’m safe and saved Photo by robbi35oul • Instagram

Robert Dickens ‏@robbi35oul
@i_AM_KEN1 Gucci and his rivals were popping off in the front of the building

Alley Boy ‏@alleyboydte

Alley Boy ‏@alleyboydte
@MrrTerry: So who run Atlanta, @Gucci1017 or @alleyboydte ?”–DA STREET RUN ATL AND WE ARE DA STREETS

Update 2: Here’s what DJ Smallz had to say about the night.

Things got really interesting tonight at the Spoiled Milk Concert here in Atlanta at Center Stage but unfortunately not in a good way. Tonight Gucci Mane’s Bricksquad crew and Future’s Freebandz crew had an altercation that involved pistols, police, ambulance, fire trucks and yellow tape. Things got a little more “turnt up” than we would have liked.

The show was moving along smoothly when I happen to notice a few guys move in the way that they move when some shit is about to go down. I don’t know about you but I’ve been in enough situations, some voluntary and some not so voluntary, to know that walk and sudden sense of urgency negros get when some shit bout to pop off. I tend to pay attention to my surroundings and people watch (to keep it 100, the act on stage was boring) so when I saw the dudes take off, I told Yoh (from that some dudes were probably out there scrapping or about to scrap. I tried to convince myself that I was wrong but the lady sitting next to us confirmed what I suspected was true. To quote the infamous DMX – “niggaz done started something.”

We didn’t know how serious it was until the manager/security guy came on stage and yelled over the loud rapper rapping over his lyrics (bet he say he don’t write shit down) to tell the soundman to kill the music. He was pissed. In my haste and curious (read: nosy) nature to know what was going on, I asked the host on stage (Lady B) what happened and that’s when we were told shots were fired outside the venue. After that, we were all kicked out into the very same arena in where the shooting took place.

I managed to overhear (eavesdrop) what happened and as it turns out, members of Gucci Mane’s Bricksquad ran into Future’s Freebandz crew (NO REPORTS OF GUCCI AND FUTURE IN ATTENDANCE) and when the breakdancing battle (I’m sure they made Turbo and Ozone proud) didn’t solve anything, violence ensued. Look, I ain’t one to keep up shit, start shit, make up shit or keep shit going but the shit that went down tonight is just the type of shit I don’t like if this shit is true. Keep in mind this is all “alleged” so don’t take it as fact. According to @hoodrich via Twitter the actual incident took place two blocks up from the actual show and not at the actual show. It’s a shame what went down tonight and we have to do better as a culture and as a people. I’m getting too old for this shit.

-Black McGee [Investigative Reporter]

“Atlanta police Wednesday were investigating an overnight shooting outside a Midtown concert venue that involved an off duty police officer.
The off duty Atlanta officer was working an event that had just ended around 11 p.m. at Center Stage on West Peachtree Street when he heard shots being fired and “observed a suspect firing toward a group of people,” Atlanta police spokesman John Chafee said.
“The officer confronted the suspect and fired multiple shots,” Chafee said. “The suspect ran to a vehicle and fled the scene.”
Chafee said that a man who arrived at Grady Memorial Hospital ashort time later with a gunshot wound to the leg told authorities that he had been shot after exiting Center Stage, “but it is not clear at this time who shot him.”
He said the officer will be placed on routine administrative leave.
Center Stage hosted a rap concert called “Spoiled Milk.””


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  • REGIE Kush

    Everbody no scooter not no real street nigga he just around nigga with money if it wasn’t for future stamping dude he would b shit I’m a real street nigga dude not by all mean and real street nigga rob not fa ness that hoe shit or u grind or work a 9 to 5 dude just no how talk that street shit but a real street nigga see threw that shit it GHMG or nothing fuck scooter he got pleanty nigga on his ass just a matter of time before a nigga sew what he reap fuck Gucci too brick squad just cuz u got a body and money dnt mean shit any body can b touched even bosses get cought slipping

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